About Us

Our Story:

We were tired of paying for overpriced water bottles that were bad for the planet, our health AND our wallet. We decided to invest in a 40oz stainless steel bottle that we could re-use thousands of times, maybe forever. Shortly after doing so, we found ourselves taking it everywhere. The stainless (and reusable plastic) bottles quickly started to accumulate in our home, we were somewhat fascinated by how long they could keep our water cold and our coffee hot. 


The Problem: 

These bottles are heavy when full & very clumsy to hang onto! Rather than being hydrated, we felt like we were hassled. We decided to search for a solution to carry our bottles around.. but there were none. So, we decided to make one. The Hydro Carrier was born.

The Solution: 

Create something that we could take our bottles around in all day, that would be easy to carry and that we could throw all of our other pocket/purse stuff into as well. The key to the design though would be the strap that goes over the shoulder. It has to have a perfect curve so that the weight of the bottle is dispersed over a large surface area instead of one pressure point. We spent months crafting the perfect shoulder strap that could take the weight of the bottle without making it feel like we were carrying anything of substance. Comfort is what we were after, otherwise, this was a meaningless endeavor simply swapping pain points. 


Problem Solved:

The final product, our Hydro Carrier, allows you to easily carry any of the larger stainless (and plastic - both reusable and disposable) bottles (32, 40 & 64 oz) over the shoulder with ease. As an added bonus, we decided to fit a water resistant pouch that could easily carry our wallet, keys and cell phone so that they were not in our pockets and we could wear sport shorts without an issue. We couldn't stop there though, what if we wanted to carry a protein bar or snack with us too? So we built a wallet right into the pouch and a retainer strap for any keys or loose items. But what about our glasses... Yeah, we build a loop in on the strap too. We've been told by a few people that we over engineered the Hydro Carrier, but we made it for us and that's how we wanted it. It just so happened that others wanted the same thing too. So here we are. 

Thank you,  for checking out our page. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

Stay hydrated...not hassled.